TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder

Having a pet at home is an enormous responsibility and when it comes to taking the best care of your pet, every pet owner wants to give their best to the loving felines. Providing the best food isn’t always sufficient as you need to ensure that your pet isn’t eating too much or too less. This is where automatic cat feeders prove to be highly helpful as they are meant to take care that your cat does not stay hungry even when you are not at home. They are designed to take care of the dietary needs of cats and provide sufficient nutrients for their best health. Taking many factors into account TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder is simply one of the best ones available in the market today.

TD Design is one of the most leading brands best known for containment, training, and lifestyle solutions. The products manufactured by TD Design give pet owners great moments with their pets.

Features of TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder

Setting for meals

TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder is a handy and easy to use automatic electronic pet feeder so that you have the flexibility o set the meal quality and time matching your pet’s dietary needs.  It will help you in maintaining a proper feeding schedule for the cat with up to 5 meals in a day. It’s the best a cat will ever need.

Feeds different kind of food

With its 5 compartments, you will be delighted that all your worries to give different foods at different times are taken care of. If your pet is on medicines, this feeder will allow it even when you are away, at right time and right quantity. You can offer dry, packaged moist or wet food.

Multiple alarms

With TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder’ multiple alarm system, you can entice your cat to eat up her food by setting up to 4 daily distribution alarms. It can be conveniently done by record customized meal alarms in your voice up to 10 seconds which can be played 3 times to inform the cat about her feeding time.

Additional features

  • Cover and food tray
  • Blue backlight LCD display
  • Touch control panel for settings.
  • Easily cleanable even in dishwasher
  • DC adapter or 4 “C” batteries for power

What’s good?

TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder is a wonderful way to relieve the unnecessary stress f keeping up with feeding schedule of your cat. You have the choice to feed her with dry, wet or medicated food as her physical and dietary needs are. If you work long hours and you are stressed to meet the feeding demands of your cat then this genius automatic feeder is your gadget. Easy to set-up and clean, LCD display with easy touch panel for settings and measured 5 meals make your life fluent even with a pet as demanding as a cat. Your customized voice alarm will make cat comfortable and secure. Dual way of Powering keeps it working all times.


If you are not able to give proper time to your pet and have been worried about the fact whether your cat has been fed or not, you need to get TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder at once. This product has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars with a total of 59 Amazon customer reviews. This feeder will keep your pet fed at all times, no matter how busy your schedule is.

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