How to program an Automatic Pet Feeder?

If you have been having a hard time in setting up your automatic pet feeder or while programming the feeder, we are here with the proper steps that will guide you about how to program an Automatic Pet Feeder.

  • First of all, a right automatic cat feeder automatically enters Setup Mode as soon as the batteries are installed or it is powered up. Next, the LCD will show a blinking number which is an indication to set the time format.
  • If you choose 12-hour format, the meal size automatically sets up to cups and if you choose the 24-hour format, it sets to milliliters. You can use the UP or DOWN buttons to select the required format. Once you have done it, press the RIGHT button to set time.
  • Now set the current time in the hour and minute field for each time format.
  • Next step is setting up the Feeding Schedule. Once you have set the time, the LCD will blink a work like ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ and this is an indication for the feeding schedule to be set.
  • You can choose from the feeding schedule options available. Generally, there is 3 options- default dog (dog), default cat (cat), or a user option, which allows you to customize the schedule for your pet.
  • The Default dog feeding schedule is a preset to 2 2-cup (473 ml) meals per day at 8 am and 5 pm. The Default feeding schedule for a cat is preset to 2 1/4-cup (59 ml) meals per day at 8 am and 5 pm. The user option allows the feeding schedule to be customized by according to the number of meals, meal times and meal sizes. You can schedule up to 6, 8, 10 or 12 meals within a 24 hour period (depending on your feeder). You can also set the meal times and the meal size according to your wish.
  • If you want to set your own feeding schedule, select the option and enter the customizable meal menu. A blinking number 1 blinking at top of LCD screen will indicate that you are all set to set up meal 1. Use the UP or DOWN buttons to set the hour for meal 1. If you are using a 12-hour time format, set the hour in the AM or PM setting. Then, move on to the minute field and set it up with the same buttons. Remember that each meal time can be set in 15-minute
  • Now, move to meal size option. You can set up the meal size to the minimum as well as maximum portions. Check out this quantity in the features or guideline of your Now, you can move back to meal number field by using the UP button to move to meal 2. In order to schedule a second meal, move to the hour field to set time and repeat all the above steps for as many meals you want to schedule.
  • Press and holding the ENTER button, to return to the Operating Mode.

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