Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box

Cats come in several shapes, sizes, colors, and temperaments. Each cat has separate nutrition needs, levels of activity, agility, vocal talent, and friendliness. But they all have one thing in common, they love clean litter boxes. It doesn’t take much to keep a kitty happy. Good food, warm home and heart, clean place to go in, ought to cover most your pet’s needs. While we love doing all the former activities, the litter cleaning task is best left as “responsibility chores” for the kids. The scooping, gagging on nasal assaults, cleaning up after the mess, is enough to put you off. The Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box, has thankfully come up with a great solution to your litter problems.

Pet Zone is a company that has a simple vision and mission. They understand the needs of various animals, and design play, training, and waste management equipment for all types of animals. Their products are affordable and economical for your perfect pal.

Features of the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box

Rugged and Sturdy

A useful feature, when you have a house with a lot of kids and pets, this Pet Zone box is durable and strong. The gears are made of metal for smoother functioning without getting stuck. It is equipped with a sensor that kicks into action, 15 minutes after your cat exits his box.

Prevents litter wastage

This litter box has been tested and proven that it uses less litter than other similar boxes in the market. The scooping action is thorough and picks up clumped litter, while leaving the rest of the litter clean for fresh use. The box also has high side walls to prevent litter from spilling around.

Quiet operation

Several motor-operated self-cleaning litter boxes produce whirring noises, due to their open-tray design. The Pet Zone Smart Scoop litter box is at least 75% quieter during running and doesn’t scare your pets away from using the device.

Additional features

  • 1 odor-absorbing carbon zeolite filter
  • 6 ‘No Touch’ waste disposal bags
  • One year warranty

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All the goods!

The Pet Zone smart scoop has been tested for its efficiency and minimal noise. It is one of the few litter boxes that is 4 times quieter than conventional self-cleaning litter boxes. Quiet running litter boxes are always preferred to noisy motors that scare animals from ever using the box again. The metal rake is sturdy compared to its plastic counterparts and doesn’t snap off or break easily. This litter box accommodates most types of clumping litters, so you do not have to spend on expensive brands and varieties. Depending on the number of cats you own, and their activity and nutrition, you may need to empty the receptacle bags to the trash about thrice a week. The unit has great odor control and uses much less litter than other boxes. All in all, on a budget, this litter box is a great purchase.


Wrapping it up…

For fundamental self-cleaning litter box needs, your search ends at Pet Zone Smart Scoop Self-cleaning litter box. The product is a great hit with consumers, and has received a respectable 3 star rating from around 300 reviews. Get this sturdy build, quiet running, odor controlling, and litter minimizing features, litter box that is a definite choice for maximum cat lovers.

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