Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box

When you think about cleaning up after your felines, the word “fun” doesn’t usually relate! The chore can be smelly, disgusting, exhausting, and cumbersome at the best of times. Neglecting to clean out your kitty’s litter has its own repercussions. A poorly maintained box promotes ill health and bad behavior like stress and anxiety. To end your litter woes, Litter Spinner’s Quick Clean Cat Litter Box is a great innovation. With this product, your kids will stop hating their litter duty and take turns on this simple self-cleaning mechanism.

The parent company, Smart Choice Pet Products, Inc. with inputs from pet cat owners, created Litter Spinner innovative litter box. Here are all the facts about this neat little device.

Features of the Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box

Safe for kids

This self-cleaning box works on spinning and turning principles. It uses no cords or electrical inputs, making it safe for use, even by the youngest members of your family. In addition, it doesn’t require any water inlets or drains, making it mess and stress-free.

Large choice of litters

Unlike some of self-cleaning litter boxes that come with specific litter instructions, Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box can be filled with almost any kind of clumping litter. Also, this smart litter box is designed to minimize litter spillage from instinctive digging and mound-making expected from your cats.

Environment & health conscious material

In-keeping with sustainability agendas worldwide, this amazing product is made from 100% recycled material. Its design is strong and durable and comes in a variety of exciting colors to choose from! Since the litter is contained in a closed space, not only does it provide privacy for modest pets, but it also controls litter dust.

Additional features

  • 5 inch circular opening to accommodate most cats
  • Available in Colors– Black, Green, Hot Pink, Tan, White, and Royal Purple. (Priced differently)

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All the goods!

The most impressive feature of this unit is the closed consolidated look and design. This design is great to contain odors and offers maximum prevention of litter dust in the air. This design also minimizes the amount of litter being kicked out of the box as your pet begins to bury her waste. The box has a simple yet effective litter sifting and cleaning mechanism. It takes a couple of turns to clump the litter and push it through a sieve. The sifted litter is collected in a drawer for disposal. Simple in design, this product is economical and affordable, making it a great for multi cat homes and shelters. In addition, this litter box takes up very little space, which makes it ideal apartments and dorms or foster care units. No electrical inputs are needed for this great product making it safe for homes with kids. The boxes come in fun colors and kids can be taught to enjoy their litter duty.

Wrapping it up…

Based on a simple and functional mechanism, and made by cat lovers, this box is a great product for basic litter disposal needs. Clumping litter is best used with this product. Giving it a couple of rolls a day, depending on the number of cats you have, should work well to keep litter clump-free and clean for the next use. The product is innovative and nearly has a 3 star rating from about 200 customer reviews. If you are accompanied by small to mid-sized cats, this is one of the best devices to own.

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