How helpful can Automatic Pet Feeders prove for pets on a diet?

It is a known fact that around fifty percent of the pets are either obese or overweight in some way or the other. While this has been a major concern for various vets and pet owners, no one has been able to come up with an effective solution as of yet. But things have started to look a little bright ever since Automatic Pet Feeders became all the rage. These feeders not only help owners relax and not worry about their pet getting fed while they are away, they even claim to help out the overweight pets in shaping up.

The big question is- Are these best Automatic Pet Feeders actually effective ?

Pros of Automatic Pet Feeders-

  • Pets tend to be rather habitual when it comes to eating food and they like to stick to schedules. When they do not get their meals at the right time, they tend to tense up and get stressed. The best way to keep your pet fit and fine is by feeding them small portions every now and then. But this is not possible for owners who spend most of the time in their office and this is where Automatic Pet Feeders come in. They take care of your pet’s feeding habits and feed them exactly what they need, neither less nor more.
  • Automatic Pet Feeders can be programmed to provide proper breaks in between two meals and this break is often considered very important when it comes to losing weight. The pets which like to eat to their full early in the morning are likely to feel hungrier later on and eat lots whenever they get fed again. Instead of giving two or three big meals, vets recommend that you provide small meals (6-7 per day) and maintain a predictable interval in between them.
  • Automatic pet feeders dispense a limited portion of kibble and you even have the freedom to set the portion according to your pet’s diet or according to your vet’s recommendation. Your pet will have no other option but to get used to the fact that they will not be getting any extra treats and they will have to make do with whatever food is provided to them.

Cons of Automatic Pet Feeders-

  • One major drawback of automatic feeders is that most of them are not meant to be used for wet food. While some may allow the usage of wet food, they still recommend that you do not keep the wet food inside the feeder for more than 24 hours. This means you will have to clean up the feeder completely every time your cat leaves a bit of food left. Dry food has a lot more calories and carbohydrates in comparison to wet food.

So, are you convinced that an automatic pet feeder may be the answer to your pet’s weight vows? While they may not provide a guarantee on making your pet less obese, they are still a great option to at least try and get your pet less fat.

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