Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder

A feeder that provides food to your pet when you are not at home is simply not enough in today world, especially when you can also use a pet feeder as a means to communicate with your pet and let him feel your presence. With so much advancement in technology, many pet feeders come with features that allow you to stay connected to your pets even if you are not physically present at home. Feed and Go has designed this automatic pet feeder to be accessible to every cat owner anytime anywhere.

Feed and Go is one of the smartest pet feeders that you will come across these days. It has been designed as a reliable solution for your pet to be fed their wet/dry food or even treats, on time, every time. It has some amazing features like a built-in webcam, real time, ability to control multiple pet feeders from any smart device. Feed and Go designed this feeder to give you peace of mind when you can’t be at home with your pet.

Features of Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder

Built-in Webcam

The built-in webcam can be logged in from any Apple, Android or Windows device, be it a Smartphone, tablet or a computer. You can check on your pet whenever you want, no matter how far away you are from home. Just call them over and you can talk to them.

Locking Mechanism

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder comes packed with a locking mechanism which ensures that a pet can never get into this feeder or knock it over. It is an important feature to look into for the safety of your pet in case you are not able to be around all the time.

Real Time Messages

Feed and Go will send you notifications in the form of SMS and/or Emails (according to your preference) whenever your pet has been fed or even when he is about to be fed. You can even choose to receive notifications about both.

Can be used for offering food and giving medicine

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder is not only food-friendly, but you can also use it to dispense treats as well as medication. This is perhaps the only feeder that is suitable for wet, dry, treats and medications. Be careful that you do not leave the wet food inside for more than 24 hours.

Additional Features

  • Easy to setup
  • Regular or One-time feeding schedule
  • Six different food compartments
  • 8ox cup size
  • WiFi Connectivity

What’s good?

If you have been looking for a pet feeder that has all the functionality required along with technology and fun, then this Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder is the perfect choice for you. It will connect to your WiFi network and once you have set the schedule, it will work just fine even if the WiFi reception is lost.


As you as you set up this feeder, it will connect to your WiFi network within a minute, so the setup is quite easy. This product has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with 200 customer reviews. Get this amazing and communicative feeder to solve the issue of feeding your pet in time. It will also help you in staying connected to him. This is the best to keep your cat happy and secure.

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