What are the different feeding modes of an Automatic Pet Feeder?

The key to getting the best of an Automatic Pet Feeder is by gaining all the information about the functioning of the feeder. One of the most attractive features offered by various automatic pet feeders is the different feeding modes, but they can also turn out to be rather confusing. If you are not sure about how the feeder performs during a certain mode and you use it anyway, your pet may not get his meal the right time. So, it is better to find out everything you can about the different modes.

Here are all the details about the basic feeding modes found in automatic per feeders in general-

Operating Mode

When you select this mode, the LCD screen (considering your feeder has one) displays the time and size of the next scheduled meal.

Button Lock

If there is no activity for 2 minutes, this mode makes the Navigation panel to get locked up, which in turn, prevents the panel from accidentally being used. The lock icon will indicate that the buttons are locked. You can unlock the buttons with the help of the guide quite easily as and when the need arises.

Slow Feed Mode

As the name suggests, Slow Feed Mode slows down the rate of the conveyor. This rate is the speed at which the food is dispensed into the bowl. Generally, this mode allows the conveyor to dispense food after a period of 15 minutes (this may vary from feeder to feeder). This mode can be applied to all the scheduled meals and is useful for those pet owners who have a fast-eating pet at home. It will prevent your pet from getting sick due to eating a whole lot of food in a small duration of time.

Immediate Feed Mode

If you want to feed your pet before the next scheduled meal, you can always use the Immediate Feed Mode. This mode will be able to dispense the next scheduled meal immediately with just a push of the button. But you have to keep in mind that the feeder keeps track of all this activity and two consecutive meals simply cannot be fed immediately.  So, if you want another immediate feeding for your pet, it is not going to happen as it can’t be given until the next-to-next scheduled meal is dispensed.

Pause Feed Mode

If you want to stop all the scheduled meals temporarily but you do not feel like disabling the power or reprogramming the whole, the Pause Feed Mode will prove very useful. This mode stops the hopper from dispensing any food into the bowl. This mode can turn out to be quite helpful while cleaning the feeder conveyor.

All these feeding modes have been designed for your convenience and now we hope that you will be able to use a feeder with perfection.

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