How to clean Automatic Pet Feeders?

Automatic Pet feeders are one of the best solutions available today when you want to take complete care of your pet and feed them on time even when you are away from home. While these feeders come in handy in keeping your pet fed, this does not mean that you don’t have to do anything related to food and feeding. It is very important that you keep the feeder clean because they easily become home to bacteria, mold, and bugs.

Your pet will eat from the feeder regardless of the fact that the food is stale so you have to take care of keeping the feeder clean at all times. This is absolutely important if you want to keep your pet healthy and save those trips to the vet.

Most of the good automatic cat feeders available in the market today are dishwasher-safe so you don’t have to worry about washing it up by your own hands. Make sure that you buy a feeder that is dishwasher safe if you want to keep your chores to a minimum. Now, let’s take a look at some steps to clean Automatic Pet Feeders-

  • First of all, you need to detach the bottle or hooper from the dish that serves the nibble. Once you have done that, scrub every inch of the dish. If the opening is not big enough for your hand, you can use a bottle brush to clean it.
  • We recommend that you clean and empty the hopper as often as you can. If the feeder comes with a water dish, clean it up every time you refill the water.
  • If the feeder is dishwasher-safe, you need only put it in the washer and your work is done, just keep the quality of material used in mind. If the feeder is made up of plastic, place it on the topmost rack.
  • You can wash the feeder along with other dishes, so you won’t even have to run a completely different cycle just for them. You can even use the same load, just run them through the whole cycle normally.
  • If you prefer washing the feeder with your own hands, you simply need a sponge and sink. Use a little warm or hot water to clean them up, but not too much hot water. Squirt out some dish soap and get scrubbing.
  • If the feeder is made up of glass, make sure that the feeder is at least at room temperature before pouring hot water all over it. This is a precaution just to prevent any breakage or cracks on the glass.
  • If the pet food is stuck to the food dish, you can use a steel pad to scrub it off. Just don’t scrub too hard if you want to prevent scratching the feeder.
  • Once the feeder is completely clean, wash it with cold water and dry it up with a paper towel.

These are the simple yet important steps that you need to follow to keep your pet’s feeder clean at all times.

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