CatGenie Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box (COMPLETE REVIEW 2017)

A hygienic and sanitary environment with clean living conditions is appealing to all creatures big or small. Just as we keep our homes and restrooms neat and tidy, our pets deserve the same. Cats have long since been accustomed to hiding and burying their leavings. The task of cleaning out the litter box can often be tedious and messy. Depending on the number of feline friends you have, it could also be a frequent and back-breaking job, especially for the elderly. The CatGenie Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box offers the perfect solution for your cat litter requirements.A wholly owned subsidiary of PetNovations, Inc., the CatGenie company specializes in pet care hygiene products which are unparalleled. Their breakthrough system is a one-of-its-kind flushing and cleaning cat box system that offers a clean litter box, on par with toilets for humans. The catgenie reviews and it’s unique features can be found below, so read on.

Features of the CatGenie Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

Once in a lifetime set up

Unlike other self-cleaning litter boxes, this system needs to be set up and filled with granules, just once. All it needs is access to a water inlet system and a drainage facility, available in most bathrooms and laundry rooms. This machine works by flushing away waste materials, washing the granules, and drying them to keep them warm and ready for the next use.



Most litter that gets used up must be discarded in bins and bags. They end up as smelly trash and landfill. The CatGenie system utilizes biodegradable granules instead of conventional cat litter. These granules are washable and reusable. Any particles that get washed away are degraded in 9 months to a year, leaving your plumbing system unhindered.


Clean and Sanitized cat box

Once all the granules are automatically cleaned with the provided SaniSolution liquid, the waste gets flushed away. The dryer system then kicks into action to gently dry out the area. This provides warm fresh granules that nurture your cat’s instinctual need to dig and bury. This also provides a 100% dust free environment which is safe for cats and humans alike.


Additional features

  • Includes 1 box of washable, reusable biodegradable granules
  • 1 SaniSolution cartridge
  • T-Adapters for set up
  • Easy to understand user manuals for set-up instructions


All the goods!

Since this product is such an all-encompassing cat waste disposal system unlike any other, it has revolutionized cat waste removal. Even with other self-cleaning litter boxes, you are required to tote the waste receptacle out once or twice a week. With the CatGenie, you don’t ever have to worry about the weekly litter box run. Although all electronic pet waste disposal units require monitoring and attention, this cat box system gets by with bare minimum intervention. Once the water inlets and outlets are connected as instructed in the manual, you are good to go. The product is programmable to cater to your cat’s needs. The granules are washable and reusable which is a definite plus in the ‘environment-friendly’ department. All the products used in this system are safe, tested, and vet-approved for cat use, so your feline friend will be happy and healthy.

Wrapping it up…

CatGenie has outdone its self with this innovative and unique product. You can stay stress-free and rest assured, that your cats are not deprived of their natural instincts or a clean litter place. The product has been highly rated, earning 3.9 stars from nearly 700 customers who have bought the product online.

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