Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder

Every cat needs and asks for proper attention and wants to be pampered up by their human parents. Cats are especially known to be meat eaters and you have to take proper care while giving out portions of each meal. If you are not too careful about the portion you give to your cat, it may affect your cat’s health in some way or it may even make your cat obese or malnourished. So, simply picking out the best cat food is not enough when it comes to feeding your cat, you have to take care of feeding them at the right time. Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder helps you in taking care of your cat’s nutritional needs.

Cat Mate has been known to manufacture the best cat feeders and other products related to cats. This cat feeder has been designed to ensure your cat’s best health and nutrition.

Features of Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder –

Large capacity hopper

The capacity of the food hopper is quite large as it can hold up to 6.6 pounds of food. This amount is more than enough for a whole month if you have an average sized cat at your home. You won’t have to fill it up every other day.

Unique Feed mechanism

With Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder you can program up to three meals per day. The portion sizes are 2 tsp upwards and they have been set in advance by the company which in turn helps in minimizing any type of health risks due to overfeeding or any extra cost due to overfeeding.

Easy to use LCD control

It comes with an LCD display which is quite easy to use and control. You can program this LCD since instructions for programming come along with the feeder. You can also find a start video guide online just in case you get into any sort of trouble with the feeder.

Dishwasher safe

All the parts of this Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder including the food hopper, bowl as well as the lid can be easily removed. You don’t even have to worry about washing them with your own hands as they are all dishwasher-safe.

Additional Features-

  • Secure snap-lock lid.
  • Self-closing, Tamper-proof feed nozzle.
  • Frequent Feed mode.
  • Low battery warning icon.
  • Operates on four C cell batteries.

What’s good?

Cat Mate C3000 will be able to serve food at the programmed times as well as on demand. Its convenient and hand LCD display  helps you to do all the needed settings with a few button clicks. It also has a ‘frequent feed’ option that gives your pet various small-small meals throughout the day. You can even fasten the base of the feeder to a wooden board for some extra stability. It is equipped with a secure snap-lock lid and the feed nozzle is self closing and temper proof to make you the most trustworthy automatic cat feeder.


Your cat will never go hungry for long periods once you get your hands on Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder. This cat feeder comes with a three-year guarantee. This product has an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars with a total of 435 customer reviews. If your job or your babies do not allow you to take so much time out from you schedule to feed your cat at the right time or you are not so good at remembering to feed her, you will appreciate the support provided by Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder.


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