best self cleaning litter box reviews

They say that, “Dogs have masters but cats have staff”! Cat worshippers like me, know that cats will always be our overlords. It’s a well-known fact that cats are independent, curious, adventurous animals. They also love being well groomed, taking lots of naps, and prowling for prey. But however free-spirited and independent they are, our feline pets still need attention, love, and caring, just like all living things. Apart from giving a cat good nutrition and regular trips to the vet, a necessity to ensure their good health using top rated self cleaning litter box.

By nature, cats love to keep their environment and themselves, clean. Thousands of years of instincts have taught them how to evade potential predators and hunters, by burying any solid or liquid waste they pass. It is this instinct that needs to be nurtured and respected, when we decide to be fur-parents. Not giving a cat this opportunity to be her best cattish self will have adverse effects on her health and welfare, as well as your curtains and carpets!

We are no strangers to cleaning up after cats, and we know how grueling the task can be. If you have a multi pet and multi cat household, the litter box is active all day long and needs to be cleaned out more regularly than houses with one or two cats. Since cats are creatures of habit, if they are used to a litter box placed in a certain position and certain area of the house, they’re not going to like being moved to the basement! This creates another problem in houses of people who want to have odor free residences. Some cats are sensitive to the scent and texture of litter and will need coaxing to use a different box. These factors make pet waste management a daunting task.

The market offers several hundred cat waste management products. You get your choice of texture, fragrance and moisture-absorption properties. You also have multiple litter boxes to choose from, such as trays, litter robots, canopied, odor eliminating, etc. Perhaps the boon for all cat parents is the advent of Self Cleaning Litter Box reviews. These litterboxes can either be manual or electronic, water consuming, or flushing. These boxes are designed to give you the ability to clean out the litter from the trays without any direct physical scooping of litter. This means that you do not have to deal with messy, unpleasant deposits that you dread, while ensuring a clean box for your pets. If you are an expectant mother, or are a senior member of society, or have undergone procedures or surgeries that prevent you from bending, this self cleaning litter box is a savior! Several variants of  top self-cleaning litter box types give you varying degrees of self-cleaning action, and match your budget limits.

Benefits of using Best Self Cleaning litter box

If your feline friend has been trained to walk on a leash to perform his nature’s call, you can take him out for walks and get rid of cat waste. But, for those of us who love having pet cats but do not have the luxury of a large backyard space, or live in small apartments, self cleaning litter boxes come in handy. Their many advantages ensure a healthy cat and a happy home.

No unpleasant surprises

When you are unresponsive to your cat’s subtle signals of wanting to relieve him, you can bet that you will wake up to a hideous mess the next morning. A responsible cat parent will provide proper facilities for the cat to eat, sleep, and go in. With the best self-cleaning litter boxes, you have an extra advantage of not having to directly scoop your cat’s messy business.

Odor-free homes

A mess-free home, is an odor-free home, since litter can absorb offensive scents. Among the several types of litters to choose from, certain litters help clump waste and liquids fast, while others help dehydrate the waste material without lumping. Different self-cleaning litter boxes come with different litter types. They all provide the ability to collect the scooped-out litter into closed receptacles that prevent odors from escaping. Many litter boxes are also equipped with odor absorbing filter cartridges that can be replaced when required.

Great for curious cats and elderly animals

Cats are inquisitive creatures. If your cat is an adventurous sort that likes to explore the neighborhood at night, there are chances that he might end up losing his way. But if the only reason you put the cat out for the night is for him to litter, then your pet is likely to get lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Having a litter box indoors, is comforting and familiar to your pet. The automatic litter box clears out litter in a timely manner, preventing your pet from wandering off in search of new and clean surroundings with nightlights to guide.

Hygienic Waste Disposal

Though litter scoops provide a basic facility of scooping up litter and disposing off the same, the self-cleaning litter boxes do the cleaning for you. Cutting out any direct contact between you and litter, these boxes provide a safe and clean way to collect and remove waste to the trash. Many of these boxes are also made of recycled plastic material. Some litter boxes use biodegradable granules that do not clog pipes or drains. These innovative solutions are environment friendly and pet friendly.

Operational Round the clock

Many pet parents are worried about their animals’ wellbeing during long work shifts or office hours. The self-cleaning boxes lets them rest easy, since they clear out the waste litter in minutes, ensuring a clean litter box for the next use.

Features to consider

With so many types of litter boxes out there, a buyer may be overwhelmed to get the best for his cats. Here are some features to look into a top self cleaning litter box.

Size and height

A cat needs to feel comfortable in every task that he or she does. While smaller breeds like Munchkins and Persians can be accommodated in smaller areas, Coons and Norwegians require a lot of space as they are some of the biggest cat breeds. A box that is too small or too cramped for your furry friend will be wrong choice. If the side walls of the trays are not high enough, litter could get kicked out, as the cats try to bury their waste. This could lead to frustration for the cat leading to more messy work for you! It will be a wasted purchase, not to mention the time and effort spent in order a larger box.

Sensor activity levels

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of our feline friends is the behaviors they exhibit. From sprightly and energetic Bengals, to languid and laid-back Ragdolls, cat behavior has been bred for centuries to match all types of human interactions. A very active cat may require a lot of food and water intake, to maintain their high-energy levels, and thus, would need to use the litter box more often than their casual cousins. While choosing an automated litter box, ensure that the cleaning process maps the activity and litter box usage. It also depends on the number of pets you have. Some litter boxes may kick into action 3 or 4 times a day and need to be robust enough to handle the load, while others need to be emptied only a few times a week.

Your Own Physical Comfort

Even amongst the self-cleaning litter boxes, there are several models that cater to several needs. The more advanced ones may require electrical input, water inlets, drainage outlets, space, etc. These automated and motorized litter boxes need little to no human intervention in the litter disposal process. There are some litter boxes that demand a little more attention from you, such as, removal of litter from the receptacles, or replacement of the odor absorbing cartridges, etc.

Safety features

Remember, that all electronic devices have a some electrical hazard risk. Litter boxes that use AC adapters to run the motors should have well insulated wires and cables. Teething kittens or curious children could be in danger of electrocution if not secured safely. Litter boxes that use water inlets compound the situation. There are several pet-safe self-cleaning litter boxes that you might want to look at, for this feature.  On the other hand, if electricity and pets and kids make you a little uncomfortable, there are also manual self-cleaning litter boxes for your consideration. These boxes are simple and involve only a turning or a tipping action to be performed to separate the clean from the dirty litter. They’re great for kids who would like to help take care of their pets.

Availability of litter

Not all self-cleaning litter boxes use the same kind of litter. And not all kinds of litter can be used for a self-cleaning litter box! In fact, automated litter boxes come with specific instructions about the kind of litter they work best with. A litter box that works on scooping and raking, would need quick and hard clumping litter, while the boxes that work on water based flushing, have specialized granules that are reusable. Based on the kind of litter that is easily available to you; pick a litter box that performs well with it. Many self-cleaning litter box manufacturers also provide combo packs and refills for litter, which could also be something to consider, when you purchase your box.

Minimal Operation Noise

Motorized litter boxes do produce a certain level of hum when the sensor activates the raking mechanism. If you have an easily startled pet, invest in a quieter model that produces minimum noise and wont scares the pet away from using the litter box again. The manual self-cleaning types, and certain automated self-cleaning litter boxes, produce no or minimum sound, and could be good choices if you have a noisy home and want to reduce as much of a racket as you can!


Saving the most important for last, consider your pockets before investing in a litter box. It goes without saying, that the motorized varieties of litter boxes will have steeper price, as opposed to the manual ones or basic self-cleaning models. If purchasing a brand new one is not an option, (such as the case for many animal shelters and fosters), look at buying pre-owned models. A point to keep in mind, however, is to ensure that the litter box is still functional and has all its parts in good order.
If your budget allows it, there are many high-end models with which to pamper our cat-masters. The Litter Robot and the CatGenie self-flushing models are almost fully automated and require only minimum interaction.

2017 Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews:


Automatic Littermaid(R) Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box (LM680C)

Automatic Littermaid(R) Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box (LM680C)

This litter box has a rake feature that is sensor activated to kick in approximately 10 minutes after the cat has left the box. It is built for small to mid-sized cats, this litter box is for homes with one or two cats at maximum. It also has a manual activation feature for re-raking in case required. This litter box model is quite common, as it comes with a sealed receptacle that collects all the litter and locks in odors. The box also comes with a battery backup in case of power outages. The rake comb is detachable for easy cleaning. The litter tray comes with a ramp to catch any trailing litter, keeping your home and floors, litter free.

The box works well with hard and fast clumping litter, as the rake simply scoops the lumps into the bin. The litter quantity should always be properly filled up to the demarcating line on the tray, for best results. The box comes with an easy to understand user manual that should be followed closely for set-up. Failure to comply with the instructions may cause your self-cleaning litter box to either malfunction or reduce performance potential.

Littermaid litter boxes are used by a wide range of pet lovers and the company has a very solid name in decades’ worth of pet products. This particular model is great for modest households with a few cats, and is competitively priced. The product has earned a 3 star rating, on being reviewed by over 600 customers.

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Littermaid LM-86579 Multi-Cat Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid LM-86579 Multi-Cat Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Another product from the Self-cleaning litter box line, from Littermaid, the LM-86579 model can accommodate slightly larger cats and is great for a multi-cat house hold. Its main features include a quick sensor that activates as quickly as 5 minutes after the cat has vacated the box. The box uses clumping litter for the fast cleaning action and drops all the raked litter into a sealed receptacle which could be lined with disposable garbage bags.

The raking motion is smooth and uniform. Provided you use the right kind of clumping litter, the motion doesn’t break up litter into small bits that cannot be scooped. The odor control units in the waste receptacles are very effective and prevent any sort of odor leaks. Care should be taken to fill the litter box up to the line provided. Any overfilling or under-filling could result in spillage or missed raking action, respectively.

Just like its predecessor, this litter box is also equipped for emergencies by providing a contingency battery backup that can work the litter box for up to 48 hours. This litter box is great for pet parents who tend to spend a lot of time outside their homes. Pregnant women, old and elderly folk, or people with back issues, needn’t bend over every time the litter box is used.
Depending upon the number of pets you own, the litter box would need to be cleared out a few times a week.

Designed for slightly larger and heavier pets than the previous Littermaid model, this device is extremely efficient and makes a great addition to your pet family. For all its great features and inclusions, this model has earned 3.4 stars after being rated by over 100 customers.

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PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box


This litter box can be used for almost a week at a time without any cleaning, (depending on the number of pets you own, of course), making it a great litter box for parents who are out for long hours. The crystal litter that is to be used with this box reduces the presence of any unpleasant odors as the waste is quickly dehydrated and removed.

In addition to the deodorizing and dehydrating factors, crystal litter also produces minimal litter dust. This prevents additional dust particles in the air and is a great benefit for cat lovers with asthma or breathing issues. Some cats that are most accustomed to clay litter or clumping litter may require a short transition phase to use the ScoopFree Self-cleaning litter box. But this period is short and the net results are great. There are several instructional videos available online that can help you acclimatize your cat to a new litter box, or location.

The great feature of this box is that it can be coupled with a variety of add-ons such as privacy hoods for your modest kitties, and an anti-tracking mat to prevent litter from trailing out of the box.
Like our previous two litter boxes, this model is also sensor activated and takes a few minutes to shift into litter-disposal gear. It’s a great product to have for a house with more than one average sized cat.

The Scoopfree box is quite the quintessential litter box for your pet. It is manufactured by the PetSafe company that is one of America’s leading electronic pet care production company. Their expertise and experience has been well worth their while in creating this self-cleaning box. The product has earned an amazing 3.8 star rating from over 1000 customer reviews.

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CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Here’s a novel litter box idea that is unconventional in every way imaginable as it is equipped with a flushing mechanism. The product is proud of its ‘once-in-a-lifetime-set-up’ which means that you needn’t refill litter into the box ever again. It is interesting to note that the ‘litter’ being referred to, are biodegradable granules that can be washed and re-used. This is great for the environment and global sustainability on the long run. Any granules that are washed away breakdown in a week’s time, preventing clogged drains and pipes.

The mechanism works by flushing the waste litter away after the cat vacates the area, and then drying the litter granules to a warm and comfortable temperature. Needless to say, this high-end litter box needs a water inlet and a drainage outlet. It is best to keep this litter box in the laundry room or the bathroom where you can have easy access to the inlet hose.
Due to its washing, cleaning, and drying features, the box is one of the most sanitary and hygienic litter boxes available in the market. It is also relatively easy to set up and comes with an assembly manual to guide you all the way.

For those who worry about pet safety with such litter boxes, the components are all tested, vet approved, and animal friendly. The CatGenie is a subsidiary of the PetNovations company, which specialize in producing great pet care and pet waste management products. Their unique self-cleaning cat box is one of a kind in the market. This product has earned great reviews from around 700 customers who bought it, giving it a great rating of 3.9 stars.

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Litter-Robot III Open-Air – Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Litter-Robot-III-Open-Air – Automatic-Self-Cleaning-Litter-Box

Another champion in the automated and self-cleaning litter box models, is this number by Litter-Robot. The parent company of Litter-Robot, AutoPets was founded by cat lovers who were keen on providing a clean, safe, and dependable unit for cat waste disposal.
After two previous Litter-Robot models, the Litter-Robot III Open-Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box was born, tying together all the great features of its predecessors.
Similar to other motor based litter boxes, this unit also works with sensors that detect the motion of the cat in and out of the box. The sensor action is highly programmable to your pet’s needs. It can be set to 3, 7, or even 15 minutes after the cat has exited, to start cleaning.

This litter box uses a patented technology for the litter cleaning purpose. The globe shaped mechanism rotates to slowly sift the litter into a covered and sealed receptacle. The collection bin has special odor control features that prevent leakages and nasty smells. The globe also offers shy kitties some much needed privacy and helps prevent litter dust from filling the air. In addition, the entire globe unit is composed of recycled plastic, which makes it a win for the environment conscious.

This special litter box is built keeping all sizes and ages of cats in mind. It has an automatic night light that assists elderly cats, and it comes equipped with safety features to prevent curious kitties from accidental button pushing. A great add-on to this unit is a battery pack that can be purchased separately. It provides about 48 hours of contingency battery backup for the Litter-Robot unit.
This revolutionary litter box product looks almost futuristic and has great appeal. Due to its great appearance and excellent functioning, this device has earned a hearty 4.3 star rating from nearly 300 customers who have bought and reviewed it.

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Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box


Who says all self-cleaning litter boxes must come with electricity, water, and motorization! The Omega Paw Self-cleaning litter box is novel in its simplicity of design and thought. This litter box is manufactured by an innovative company that creates new pet care products every year.
By incorporating a simple and easily available force, i.e. the law of gravity, this litter box separates the clumped litter. Its patented grill technology removes all the waste litter into a receptacle while keeping the unused litter ready for the next cat.

The set-up of the box is simple and easy and resembles a covered pet carrier. Once filled with litter up to the mark defined, the box is ready for use. To clean the unit, simply tip or roll the box on its side a couple of times to allow for clumping and dumping.

Since this unit is easy to assemble and take apart, it can be easily washed and maintained. It is also very affordable due to its simplicity. This makes it a box to purchase and donate to your local cat shelters and foster homes. The large entrance can accommodate mid-sized to fairly large cats.
The unique design prevents any litter spillage due to the covered structure, helping you save on litter refill as well. The canopied structure also prevents litter dust from flying into the air.
The hassle-free nature and use of this box makes it great (and fun) for children, especially those that like to assist in the tipping action. This great litter box has earned itself a very respectable 3.6 star rating from more than 6.5 thousand customers who’ve reviewed it.

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Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Another great product from the Littermaid line of self-cleaning litter boxes is the LM980 series. This litter box is built big, strong, and sturdy to host the largest of the large felines. It comes fitted with a powerful rake driving mechanism that is powerful enough to comb through tough and clumps without breaking them up. For easy cleaning and maintenance, the rake has a detachable feature. In case of additional blockages, the rake comes with an inbuilt safety feature that prevents it from moving further, and breaking gears or teeth.

This goliath Littermaid self-cleaning box has high side walls to prevent any litter from being kicked out of the box by enthusiastic occupants. Due to its large size, the litter box hold 50% more litter in its tray than conventional litter trays and boxes. Just like the previously discussed rake-type litter boxes, this unit also has a sealed receptacle that collects all the waste litter in an odor free compartment. These bins can be lined with grocery bags or garbage bags which makes the disposal easier.

In addition to the mechanized unit, the product also comes with a scoop, in case there are stubborn clumps that may want an extra hand. A paw cleaning ramp prevents litter trailing all over the house. Carbon filters provide the deodorizing capacity and can be replenished when consumed.
For auxiliary power, the unit also comes with a battery compartment. This is mainly useful for power outage scenarios. The sturdy and robust features of this litter box have earned it a 3.1 star rating from over a thousand customers who reviewed it.

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PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box


Another unconventional litter box in our list is the PetSafe Simply Clean self-cleaning litter box. This unique box has a circular design that is in constant motion. It is this motion that sifts the litter and sends it up a conveyor belt for collection and disposal. The most attractive feature of this self-cleaning litter box is its almost silent operation. The rotating disk barely makes any noise in motion, and is very slow, completing one rotation per hour. The motion is so subtle, that your cat can use the litter box wen it is in motion, and not feel disturbed or alarmed. The constant churning motion is pet safe and has no moving parts where bits and pieces can get caught.

Due to its unique sifting operation, there is very little litter used and this reduced wastage. The covered design of the conveyor belt and the receptacles provide an odor-free environment. The slow-moving disk prevents litter from being kicked up into the air during cleaning. The receptacles can be lined with cheap plastic bags for easy disposal.

This design can accommodate smaller felines on the lower end of 15 pounds. This is mainly due to weight constraints on the moving disk, which might not function for heavier cats.
The litter box needs to be used with the right kind of litter that provides clumping action to be able to traverse up the conveyor belt and into the receptacle. Loose litter materials that tend to break up will powder and cannot be tracked by the belt action.

PetSafe’s Simply Clean Self-cleaning litter box is simply brilliant. When used with the right materials and the right weight of cats, this device is neat, clean, and odor-free. Around 2000 customers who have reviewed and/or purchased this product, have provided it a 3.2 star rating.

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Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box

Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box

Another box that works on the principle of simple spinning, and tipping, is this neat little Quick Clean Litter box. Made by the parent company, Smart Choice Pet Products, Inc. this device was put together by passionate product manufacturers along with valued inputs from cat lovers and cat care givers. Just like the Omega Paw litter box, this unit does not need any electricity or water inlets for its operation.

Working with gravity, its simple spinning technique makes it safe and fun for children to assist in chores. The unit comes in several fun, bright colors to choose from, to add a little pop to your living space. The Litter Spinner is ideal for small to mid-sized cats, and is great for small spaces like apartments.

This litter box is made from 100% recycled materials, which is always a positive point in its favor. The enclosed design of the box prevents odors from escaping and prevents dust from being kicked into the air. In addition, it provides privacy to your pets if they are accustomed to it.
The litter requirements are very judicial for this box. It uses almost any kind of clumping litter.

The only precaution that would need to be taken is to fill it with the correct amount of litter for the sifting and collection action to happen correctly. The mechanism works by pushing the used litter through a sieve and collecting it in a drawer for disposal. A couple of spins on the litter spinner will sift out the waste litter into the collection bin. No electrical inputs, no water inlets, and no mess, make it a great and safe device around your kids and your cats. It has received a 3 star rating from about 200 customer reviews.

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Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box

Rounding up our list is the Smart Scoop Automatic Litter box. Designed by Pet Zone, a company that understands and translates customer requirements into products, this litter box is utilitarian and sturdy in build, affordable on the budget end, and produces minimal noise. All these features make this device a basic and essential self-cleaning litter box.

In-keeping with our other rake design litter boxes, this unit also functions on motorized litter combing. The gears are made of metal for smooth functioning and the sensors begin the cleaning motion in around 10 to 15 minutes. The raked litter is collected in receptacles which help control odor through absorbent carbon zeolite filters.
One of the only few litter boxes to be tested by an autonomous third party agency, this box has been proven to consume far less litter than other conventional boxes. This is a great save on litter box refills. The high side walls prevent litter from spilling out by mound-building cats.
The redeeming feature of this device is its almost mouse-quiet operation.

Many cats are startled and scared away from using litter boxes that make whirring and buzzing noises as they kick into action, but the Smart Scoop has been tested to show that it is at least 75% quieter than other automated litter boxes. A silent operating litter box, which is sturdy and strong, with high walls, and a powerful rake mechanism makes this a true must-have. Its basic operation and clean working have secured it a 3 star rating from 300 customer reviews.

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Tips to take care of litter boxes

All appliances that are associated with pet care need to be properly cleansed and sanitized before next use. Animals deserve hygienic and clean environments. Denying them this basic courtesy reflects badly on their health and happiness. Here are a few tips to help take care of your automatic self-cleaning litter box.

Regular cleaning

Do not let the word ‘Self-cleaning’ fool you into believing that the box can keep itself in mint condition without your help. In most units, the various parts of the litter boxes can easily be taken apart for easy cleaning and washing, and put back together.

Use disposable bin covers

Many of the units come with receptacles that help control odor. Lining these bins with disposable and cheap plastic covers makes it easier for you to take out the litter and dispose it in the trash.

Use the right kind of litter

All litter boxes some with explicit litter instructions. If the wrong kind of litter is used with the wrong kind of box, you can end up jamming gears and sensitive machine parts. This makes the box less effective and prevents it from doing what it does best!

Follow instructions

Either while setting up or while dismantling the units, always go back to the instruction manual. Many parts of the litter box are delicate, such as the sensors, the gears for the raking mechanism, the rotating disc etc. Therefore, care and consideration should be utilized while tinkering with the litter box.

Check weight restrictions for cats

Different litter boxes are designed to carry the weight, height, constitution of different types of cats. Using a small litter box for a large breed cat will end up stressing you out, as well as prevent your pet feline from using the facilities.


Self-cleaning litter boxes were a great innovation in the feline care. It came as a blessing for those who were worried about their pets as they stayed late hours at work. The sheer number of products available on shelves right now is giving an encouraging sign that manufacturers have taken into account all the needs of our pet cats.

Having researched a variety of litter boxes, both manual and automatic self-cleaning, this list provides a comprehensive view on some of the best litter boxes available in the pet-care markets.
The devices reviewed have taken into account multiple factors when it comes to pet waste management, such as safety, environment consciousness, pet friendliness, noise pollution, dust pollution, litter varieties and budget constraints. These self-cleaning litter boxes at a high level can be classified as raking types, water and flushing type, circular rotation types, and simple tipping, spinning type litter boxes.

Taking good care of your self-cleaning litter boxes is essential to keep them in good and working order. Without regular maintenance and cleaning, the unit will underperform, which would increase your work load of cleaning jammed up litter. Be sure to follow the litter box instructions, especially while filling the trays with litter. Following close attention to all your cat’s eating, sleeping, activity, and waste disposal habits should be able to assist you in the first steps of choosing a litter box.

If your pet outgrows his box, or if you decide to upgrade to newer and better models, remember to give back to the community by donating your old litter boxes to animals in need in shelters and foster homes! We hope that this self cleaning litter box reviews helps you pick out the right product for your fur buddies!