Having a cat at home as pet is the greatest feeling. Most of the cat parents feel proud of these cute and cuddly four legged fur balls. But when it comes to feeding a cat, people admit that it’s a great challenge to make them eat their meals. Due to their temperamental nature, cats may sometimes totally ignore the food kept for them. Other times you may feel that your feline has developed appetite of the entire world. They can drag you off from a cozy bed and force you to fill up their feeding tray with loads of food at the oddest hours possible. With a cat at your home, you can expect anything anytime. But the love you get in return is too immense compared to these little troubles. You will love to do anything for the adorable kitties.


If we closely examine the feeding habits of cats then we come to realize that they need an exclusive space while having their meals. They don’t want to be disturbed. For them eating it is not a social activity, but it is a private affair to be done in solitude. To make your cat eat proper meals and have the best of their health, you have to ensure that while feeding her healthy food, she must have the right environment, so that she is totally engrossed in this important activity.  If possible she must be fed separately from all distractions and pets for her dietary contentment. The eating issues may escalate when the cat is ill or stressed. Her tolerance may decline significantly and she may get cranky very often. So, it is highly important for a pet parent to know their cats well and give her all the attention they require while eating.


A cat is a creature that has the capability to keep everyone on toes. She has got plethora of activities to do in the house that may not let her focus on her food. If you are facing such situations very frequently with your cat it can affect your and her life completely. You may find it hard to concentrate at your workplace or do your domestic chores.  So, the first step to handle a distracted cat is to identify her signals for hunger. A few ones are like she may meow in a different way, rub herself on your legs or other furniture items at home or try to seek your attention by other uncommon behaviors. The most important is create an inviting mealtime setting for her.  For this you can get home an automatic feeder that can be programmed and set to fulfill food needs of your pet cat in your presence or absence.


There are countless options available in the market in terms of automatic cat feeder and buying a good cat feeder can be a bit tricky. Here we have compiled a guide for purchasing the Best Automatic Cat Feeders. You will get a list of top automatic cat feeder reviews, so that you can select the best one for your home.


Features to look into the Best Automatic Cat Feeder

Purchasing automatic cat feeders is as complicated as the cat herself is. Before purchasing this important tool of pet care you need to understand the different features of good automatic cat feeders. Read along to know the essential features of a great cat feeder that takes the stress off your shoulders to provide right nutrition.


This feature is very important and its only you who can fathom it since you know the appetite and eating preferences of your cat. Some automatic feeders come with capacity as large as to accommodate cat feed for half of a month. Some others may hold meals only for a single day. So, depending upon the type of food your cat loves to eat and how busy you are with your work and domestic responsibilities, you can decide for the capacity of your future automatic cat feeder

Type of Food it can hold

Cats may not feel social while eating but they are definitely very choosy about what they eat. You cannot satiate their appetite with one type of food. You have to keep on experimenting with different kinds of dry and wet food in different varieties. Sometimes you may have to give medicine to your ill feline in her regular meals. With so many different needs, you must get one automatic cat feeder that should be able to offer all the different kind of cat food while preserving it from getting ruined throughout the day in your absence.


Technology has touched human life in every possible way and certainly has made thousands of positive impacts in all areas. Why the pets should do not get benefit from technology and indirectly easing the lives of their human parents?  The automatic cat feeder manufacturers must have these very thoughts when they created the programmable cat feeders. These feeders may come at a bit higher price but the advantages are immense. You will get the capability to program the quantity and time of meals for your cat in your absence. This way your adorable pets don’t have to rely on your physical presence for their meals and you too can concentrate on your work when you know that your cat is getting all the meals and medicines at right time.

Power Source

Since we are talking about automatic cat feeders, they must be running on some power source. Most of the feeders need electric power to run but it will be good option if the cat feeder has some alternate power source like chargeable batteries. This way you will ensure that during power failures, outages or total consumption of battery, your cat still gets her meals at right time. It is advisable to get an automatic cat feeder that comes with dual power sources.

Alarm Types

Cats have to be cajoled to eat their meals. They love to be pampered while eating. If your are worried that how can this be possible when you have an urgent meeting lined up in the day or an important event at your kids’ school, your worry will be taken care of with a cat feeder that comes with customizable alarm. These alarms can be recorded in your own voice. That will be quite a good invitation for your cat towards her feeder.

Ease of assembly and cleaning

Keeping in view the health of a pet like cat, keeping her feeder clean is highly essential. Get a cat feeder that can be easily un-assembled into components and reassembled. This way you can clean the feeder easily without damaging the electric parts of the automatic cat feeder. Some of the automatic cat feeders are dishwasher-friendly. Checking this option in your probable purchase is always a good idea.

Count of meals offered

The cat feeders are designed to be able to dispense a number of meals. You must select the feeder depending upon the feeding habit and need of your cat. Some cat feeders can also be programmed for setting the count of meals while others have the compartments to hold the desired count of portions. This is totally upon what suits you and your furry buddy. If you stay outdoors for long duration due to your work commitments then get the one that can dispense 4-6 meals.  If you are away for just few hours then a feeder with lesser meal counts will be good enough.

Liked by your pet

The sensitive and emotional pets like cats usually don’t appreciate change in their daily routine or the things that they usually use. If they like a toy or a play tool, they will miss it if it gets lost or damaged. Knowing this you must make sure that the automatic cat feeder that you are planning to bring home is according to the liking of this highly opinionated pet. If you ignore her liking then you may end up having another gadget in your home that your cat doesn’t care to take a look on. To attract your cat to use the cat feeder it must be attractive in addition to all the above mentioned features.


We have placed this feature at the end of this list of preferred features in an automatic cat feeder.  But it is definitely an important aspect to consider. The reason is temperamental nature of cats. They may like to be fed by a feeder for months on and one fine day rejects it completely. So, spend wisely on this pet care product considering your budget constraints and how sober your cat is!!

Benefits of Automat Cat Feeder

Takes care of nutritional needs of your pet

Feeding the cat with the healthy food and in right amounts is the biggest headache for any pet owner. After getting home an automatic cat feeder you will be relieved of the stress that you may feel regarding the health and diet needs of this cute member of your family. Once you identify the right food with the help of a pet dietician you can program your automatic cat feeder for giving the correct amount at right time. This is imperative to make sure that your cat is never overfed or underfed.

Helps in developing diet schedule

Your own work commitments or domestic responsibilities may sometimes come in the way of feeding your cat at accurate time. If this happens frequently it can result in making your pet irritable and cranky. But with an automatic cat feeder in your support you can sit and relax since your cat will always be getting timely meals. The other important aspect of this is that without many efforts you will be able to train your cat to follow her diet schedule making her fit and happy. With the feeding schedule in place you can spend quality time with your family and pet.

Hassle free

Many pet parents agree that after getting an automatic cat feeder at home they feel relaxed and stress free. They don’t have to worry about returning home early from a friendly gathering or a family outing just because they have to put meals into their cat’s feeding tray. The use of this electrically powered device is just too easy. Even a kid in your home will be happy to help you in this chore. The capability to program it makes it a wonderful gadget to own and use. These days you can have cat feeder that can be connected with your smart phone over Wi-Fi, so that you can control the functionality of the cat feeder from anywhere you are.

Lets you enjoy other things in life

Having a pet doesn’t mean that you are tied to your home. If devices like automatic cat feeder are there to offer you the much needed help, you can get back to your life again and enjoy your outings and weekend trips. There is no need of constant monitoring of your cat for her meals. It will ease off your responsibility.

Top Notch Automatic Cat Feeders Reviews in 2017

We are here to help you in selecting the suitable automatic cat feeder. Here is a fair list of cat feeders getting great user ratings and review, selected on the basis of the criteria mentioned.

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder

If you marry an automatic cat feeder with technology, the end result is a reliable and efficient feeder like Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder. It can be termed as a most trustworthy competitor in the race of outstanding automatic pet feeder. With this feeder in your home you will be able to access and monitor your cat’s feeding schedule anywhere you go.

It is smart pet care gadget to feed wet/dry food or medicines at the right time. Its built-in webcam give you the freedom to monitor cat feeding activities in real time with control over multiple pet feeders from your Smartphone based on iOS, Android or Windows. It will just be like calling up your pet and knowing their status. The security is provided through a unique locking mechanism and making the food safe from any accidental spills by an over enthusiastic cat. It goes as far as sending text messages to human parents informing about the feeding status of the cat. It is a versatile automatic cat feeder most efficient to serve wet or dry foods, kitty treats or medicines in case of illness.

It is extremely easy to setup and its six food compartments lets you relax on a busy day. The average rating of 4.7 given by 202 Amazon customers is the best testament you need to realize the worth of this feeder. This communicating feeder helps in making your cat safe and content.

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Pet Safe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

Pet Safe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

For the pet parents who are greatly concerned about the diet and health of their cats Pet Safe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder is the answer to all their needs. It manages diet schedule for your felines. You can get the settings to define different feeding modes. You can feed with slow mode setting so that a cat can eat at her own leisure or immediate mode to urgently feed an aggressively hungry cat. You can also use the pause mode to temporarily pause feeding without disturbing the meals schedule.

4 D batteries are needed to operate it that last for about 1 year or so. You can let your cat enjoy her food in the corner she loves to relax in. It is very easy to install and program to create a right feeding schedule for your cat. It is made from high quality plastic and stainless steel so you don’t need to spend some extra efforts in cleaning it.

With the option to set up to 12 meals a day you can also give different portions constituting of moist and dry food. 24 cups of dry food can be stored maintaining the health of food to keep the cats happy. Its locking lid keeps the food fresh that can be fed at right time through anti-jam conveyor system. This automatic feeder is one of the best and preferred pet care gadgets for a pet cat. Getting a rating of 4.4 from 1030 Amazon customer reviews speak volumes about this helpful and wonderful cat feeder.

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TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder

TD Design Automatic Pet Feeder

To have a feeder for maintaining a good lifestyle and dietary habits of your pet cat, you can trust the features of TD Design Automatic Pet feeder. It is a comfortable and convenient to use automatic electronic feeder that allows you the flexibility needed while feeding the moody kitties. You can closely monitor her weight by setting a feeding schedule up to 5 meals in a day. No cat would need anything else in terms of her feeder.

It comes with 5 compartments to handle any kind of foods like wet, dry or medicated. Its excellent feature of multiple alarm system gives you the flexibility for customizing the calls and getting cat’s attention towards her meals at scheduled hours. The alarms in your voice will definitely be loved by the cat longing for your attention. The feeder has the option to cover the food tray and prevent any kind of contamination.

Its Blue backlit LCD display is the perfect interface for programming the gadget with a Touch control panel for settings. It can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. It runs on a DC adapter or 4 “C” batteries to give you flexibility of placing it anywhere in your home. It is a great support system for working people and busy homemakers. This feeder gets an average rating of 4.1 from 59 Amazon customers. You can also rely on this good featured feeder to keep your pet well-fed at all times.

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Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder

Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder

An automatic cat feeder that will go along well with a choosy kitty is Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder. It is the greatest help for all the pet parents who have a feline at home but no time to attend mood swings while feeding. This is one of the easiest to clean automatic feeders for cats since its parts can be taken apart and washed in a dishwasher.

Your big sized kitty will definitely love this feeder, having the capacity to store up to 3 pounds of cat food. You can fill it up and relax for almost 15 days before filling it again. If you are highly concerned about the material of construction you can have full faith in Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder made from food safe PET plastic. If you want to store large amount of food in the feeder, the PET plastic will block moisture thus keeping food fresh for a long time. Another great advantage of getting this automatic feeder is that it can serve multiple kitties. So, it is especially helpful in pet care homes or pet adoption centers.

It can be comfortably shifted from one place to another depending upon the choice of your pet, thanks to its recessed handles. It is a gravity feeder but is still highly dependable to make great feeding schedules. It is very easy to clean. With an average rating 3.9 given by 555 Amazon customer this automatic feeder gets a well deserving place in the list of best pet care products.

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Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl 48 Pet Feeder with 1 Ice Pack

Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl 48 Pet Feeder with 1 Ice Pack

The kitty that makes your house a home definitely needs something special to take care of her feeding schedule. Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl 48 Pet Feeder with 1 Ice Pack is a versatile automatic feeder that leaves no worries about your pet’s food. The versatility of this feeder is obvious with a provision of two compartments that can store two different kinds of foods for your cat. The large compartment is ideal to feed up to 450 grams of wet food enough for a long day. This automatic feeder is unique since it comes with an ice pack so that your cat always gets healthy food. Cats hardly touch anything stale!!

It is great feeder for jumpy and naughty cats since you can place the bowls in a wooden board and have a stable feeding platform. Moreover you don’t have to spend much time in cleaning this pet feeder due to its ease of cleaning. The easy to set timer allows you to set the time up to 48 hours. With the help of the timer, you can automatically set it to open the lid of the pet feeder when it is time for your cat to have her meal. Now you can happily plan those long awaited weekend outings. This battery operated cat Pet Feeder is good for homes with one or two kitties. A 3.9 star rating given by 490 Amazon customers proves it acceptance by so many kitty lovers.

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Honey Guaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder

Honey Guaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder

A good automatic cat feeder is difficult to get but when you consider the features of Honey Guaridan A25 automatic pet feeder, you will find that it is just perfect for your furry friend at home. It can be set to offer up to six meals to the cat keeping in view her diet needs throughout the duration of your absence from home. With its excellent a built-in voice recorder your voiced messages can be stored. The automatic feeder will replay these 12 second customized messages letting the cat know about her meal time. She will definitely come running on your cue.

When a cat is not hungry she may spill or spoil her food. Honey Guaridan A25 automatic pet feeder comes with infrared detection system to prevent the cat from doing this mischief. She won’t be able to throw such tantrums in your absence. This feeder runs on 3D batteries needing replacement after 6 months or more without. With no need to replace the batteries frequently you can feed uninterrupted meals for a long time. Its portion control is the best mechanism to manage your kitty’s weight. Being a good pet care product it suits kitties of any size and appetite.

This easy to use automatic feeder helps in maintaining feeding schedules while guarantying hygienic meals that too with least efforts from you. It gets a rating of 3.9 from 489 Amazon buyers making it a good candidate in the options of automatic cat feeders.

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Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder

To give your cat the needed care and pamper her is possible if you take care of her diet. A simple thing to do is to get Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder to take care of her meals at the right time. This will prove to be best decision for your kitty’s well-being and nutrition. This food holder is quite large to satisfy eating needs of an average sized cat making sure that don’t have to fill her feeder every day.

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder is especially meant to feed dry food with the ability to program maximum three meals a day. So you don’t need to worry whether you are overfeeding or underfeeding your loved feline. Embracing the technology for the benefit for your loved pet, this cat feeder has an LCD display so that feeding instructions can be easily programmed even by a child at home. It can be easily set to a frequent feed mode to manage the extra hungry kitties.

The cleanliness of a cat feeder is utmost important. Catmate ensures that this feeder can be easily washed in a dishwasher to give maximum hygiene to the things meant for a cat. It has a secure snap-lock lid, Self-closing and Tamper-proof feed nozzle to make feeding process easy and safe from any contamination. It operates on four C cell batteries so that you can place it at a location preferred the kitty. It warns you for a low battery so that your pet doesn’t have to bear the hunger pangs at odd times. A rating of 3.7 ratings by 435 customer reviews speaks a lot about this feeder’s popularity.

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Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder

Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder

Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder is an excellent feeder for cats when you have to monitor their diet and stipulate their food portions. It’s easy to set automatic features controllable through a touchpad make it a dependable and smart product matching the needs of tech savvy pet parents. It has inbuilt sensors, software and largest pet food database to let you decide best nutritional needs of the feline at your home. You will be able to manage feeding times, portion sizes as well as food recipes

It large capacity to store 5 to 7 pounds of food needs minimum refills and prevents any wastage since on the portion needed by the cat according to schedule will be automatically dispensed. It is indeed a smart option in automatic cat feeder since it can send notifications by text or email about the status of feed, the battery life and more. For forgetful cat parents it is a blessing since it can also place order for the packaged feed. All you need to do is pay the bill!!

Other features like machine washable hopper, Stainless steel bowl, WiFi connection of 2.4 GHz and  Rechargeable battery for a backup makes it a perfect feeder. You can control it from any place, just to check the dietary well being of your loved feline. This easy to operate cat feeder gets a good rating of 3.6 from 571 Amazon customers. It is reliable pet-care device for a healthy cat.

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Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3 Cat Automatic Pet Feeder

Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3 Cat Automatic Pet Feeder

For those extra hungry kitties that lose the sense of day or night  when their stomachs growl, Crown Majestic comes with unique features to make this an excellent gadget in pet care. It dispenses water as well as food to your pet, so that you can enjoy your weekends or concentrate on your job responsibilities. You cat will not bug you any more at odd hours.

This automatic feeder from Crown Majestic is completely safe as it is provided with a protective chute guard to stop her from ruining her food with her paws. Its high quality is maintained by using high quality material. Because of this reason the kitties accept this feeder in no time. You can fill up the feeder with 4.4 Lbs of dry food to dispense 4 feeds a day. It comes with an option to program it very easily to setup the feeding schedules so that a shy pet like cat can enjoy her home-alone meals.

Its removable Stainless Steel Bowl is easy to clean. The gadget is operated with 4 AA size batteries. If your kitty does not care much about her food, the feeder reminds her with 12 seconds of recorded message that too in your own voice. Installation process is not at all rocket science; any kid can install it in minutes and set up dinner for the beloved feline. A helpful backlit display helps in tracking day long feeds. 3.6 ratings given by 489 Amazon customers generate complete trust on this hygienic feeder made from environment-safe material.

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Home Intuition Automatic Pet Feeder

Home Intuition Automatic Pet Feeder

Handling cats can be a tricky situation when you are running on schedule and she starts throwing tantrums looking at her food tray. This is when you will miss an automatic cat feeder. In this category of most essential cat care gadgets Home Intuition Automatic Pet Feeder is a really blessing that you can count on. You can immediately leave for work since your cat will be fed at right time with right amount of food. It has easy to program feature that allows you to set maximum six meals which is quite sufficient while you are away doing your job or enjoying a day out with your friends.

By recording a message to be played later as an alarm to invite your cat for her meal, you can reassure her of your presence. She will eat her food at right schedule keeping you stress free and guilt free. The right amount of diet will make your cat happy and healthy. She will not grow obese thus you will be very proud of her natural growth. You can have restful nights and relaxed days. Its inbuilt clock does all the monitoring and scheduling after a well-thought plan with the help of her vet. The six food trays can offer a variety of foods to maintain her fondness for food.

It also comes with an LCD Display to be read easily and program effortlessly. It runs on four C size batteries so wherever your cat feels like she can enjoy her meals in total peace and serenity preferred by this shy creature. With 3.5 rating from 230 Amazon customers this automatic feeder deserves a place in this list.

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Tips to take care of Automatic Cat Feeder

Regular cleaning

Automatic is the word that describes the independence of operation in absence of human parent. You definitely have to ensure that a gadget as essential as feeder remains clean and hygienically fresh so that your cat’s health is never compromised. Follow the instructions of cleaning as given in the users’ manual to double check the health of your pet.

Keep it power ready

Since the automatic feeder depends on power to dispense the food according to the schedule defined, it is your responsibility to keep the batteries charged. You will never want to find your home littered by a hungry and angry cat that missed her meal due to a non-functional feeder.

Place it at a well lit and ventilated place

It will be good if you place the feeder at a corner of your home where your cat loves to sit and relax. This will make it ideal location for her eating chores as she will be happy and ready to take her meals!

Different feeder for different cats

Since are not very social while eating, it will be advisable to have different feeders for your cats. But if your cats are great friends then you may try to let them eat from one feeder. If they take it well then it will be good to buy only one feeder for multiple cats. Else you don’t have any option but to buy one for individual cat.

Store food type preferred

To have a feeder that goes a long way with you, you must make sure that you place the right kind of cat food as recommended by the manufacturer of the feeder. If the feeder is not meant to serve a specific kind of cat feed, then it is best not to do so. This way you will ensure the proper operation of the automatic cat feeder.


Buying an automatic cat feeder is a big decision. It must be taken only after understanding what you and your cat needs. If you are confused or are not able to make the right decision even after following this guide, you must consult your cat’s vet.

There can be numerous options available to you while looking for a perfect automatic cat feeder for your home. It is essential that you read and understand the entire set of features listed here that you have to look into a good cat feeder. Rate your shortlisted automatic cat feeder on the parameters mentioned in the features section and you will have the best option on the basis of your criteria.

We recommend that while investing in any kind of pet care products, spend some time on some reliable online shopping site like Amazon. Although you can visit a local shop and make the purchase, but it is best to spend some time in reading users reviews and feedback about the products that you are interested in. You will get an unbiased view of other people who have used those products and then you can make a wise decision. An automatic cat feeder is the best gift that you can give your cat. Bring home an automatic cat feeder and keep your kitties happy and healthy.